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Bells for the rider or hiker, clip them to your saddle, good for bear protection Single Ply Leather Off Billet Doubled and Stitched Latigo Leather Off Billet
Saddle Bells
Our Price: $7.60
Off Billet
Our Price: $19.40
This solid brass sleigh bell easily clips anywhere you want it! These are fun (horses like them too!) and useful. Can be used for any sort of riding or hiking. Get several different sizes if you are using them on multiple horses. Each size has it's own tone!

Great to use in the backcountry to alert wildlife (like bears!) to your presence. They let other riders know your location and they help you hear your horses cadence. Nothing is cooler than hearing them in a pack string in the backcountry! I personally like to clip one to my horses halter when camping overnight, that jingle is reassuring and will alert you to any issues.

These are known by many names: hiker bells, bear bells, safety bells, bike bells, trail bells. At K Heart, we like to call them Saddle Bells, because that is what we clip them to!

They can be clipped to the dee ring on your cinch, to the center ring or dee of your breast collar or anywhere on your saddle!

Our saddle bells are made from solid brass with a heavy duty snap for years of use. Solid brass will not rust. The bells are available in several different sizes, each having different tones. The larger the size of the bell, the deeper tone it will make. These are REAL sleigh bells and make a beautiful, clear sound!

Single ply skirting leather off billet, in classic London Tan color.  Measures 1 3/4" wide. Nice heavy duty off billet, doubled and stitched.  Made with heavy rich brown latigo leather to last for years of use.  Measures 1 3/4" wide.
Latigo Leather Cinch Strap with holes 28" 100% Mohair Cinch - Teal with Purple and Silver Gray Custom Mohair Breast Collar
28" Mohair Cinch
Our Price: $140.00
100% Mohair Breast Collar
Our Price: $228.00
Nice heavy, supple latigo strap made by Weaver. It is 1 3/4" wide and is 72" (6 feet) long. It is made of burgundy latigo leather and comes with a matching leather tie.

Really nice top quality cinch strap that is made in the USA!
High quality 100% mohair with really nice heavy brass cinch buckles.

In stock and ready to ship.
Really cool Badlands style breast collar. The pictures don't do it justice! It's built on a pansy purple base with lemon and berry accent colors. 100% mohair and handmade in Wyoming. Stainless steel Jeremiah Watt rings set it off. It is available with our standard roller buckle uptugs or upgrade to Watt uptug buckles if you would like.

There is one of these in stock and it will be shipped within 1 business day of ordering.